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/21/2013My washing machine is about 6 years old and has the mechanical timer. When I bought it, the guy in the store said it was the last one. When the EMP comes, I'll be laughing.

Arduino as Washing Machine Controller


PDF) Design of 32-Bit Washing Machine Controller

Now I can start the washing machine by using a timer, but with Arduino MKR1000 and Cayenne, I can read on my smartphone when the washing machine starts, and when the washing machine has finished the program. I can read this always and everywhere. Besides, I or my family, we can receive an email notification of the start and the stop of washing

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The Washing Machine Model is Samsung WA65H4200HA (Top Load). The Project. Our goal for this project is to simulate the control board operations using an Arduino, So shall we skip the rest of the story about how I carried it to my garage and get started! Disassembly. There are some major components to a washing machine :

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When the machine door is closed and the power is applied the Arduino boots up in a few seconds. The default countdown time is 8Hrs and the countdown timer starts immediately. IE: if I load the washing machine at 9pm then it will start at 5am.

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Arduino and washing machine

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The washing machine should know how to properly run a load. Perhaps before washing a load, certain configuration items are expected to be set (with defaults, if unset), like what type of load (lights vs darks) or size (small, medium, large).

Arduino and washing machine


Structure of 32-bit Washing Machine Controller . In our work a new wa shing machine controller based on 32-bit microprocessor is proposed, designed, built and tested.

Arduino and washing machine

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Arduino and washing machine

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How to make your washing machine smart February 24, 2016 By yvind Nydal Dahl Leave a Comment Most of us don’t have a lot of smart things in our house even if we would like to.

Arduino and washing machine

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Arduino Washing Machine. Arduino Washing Machine es un proyecto en Arduino para la asignatura Sistemas Empotrados y de Tiempo Real de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Espaa) en …

Arduino and washing machine

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The humble washing machine is an appliance that few of us are truly passionate about. They’re expected to come into our lives and serve faithfully, with a minimum of fuss.

Arduino and washing machine

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Automation of Washing Machine using arduino. Written by: roboguru. Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) In my washing machine one is directly connected to phase. Remaining two for CW and CCW motion. I connected through relay board as shown in the picture. Neutral is connected to relay board as shown in the picture.

Arduino and washing machine

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Automation of Washing Machine Using Arduino. By sandilya. anisetty in Technology Arduino. 23,626. 60. 31. Featured. Stats Download Favorite. By sandilya. anisetty Follow. More by the author: We are having a semi automatic washing machine. Timer switch and drain switch are spoiled. I tried to replace them but it costs more money.